Legal Back and Forth

FERC and Powhatan have exchanged a lot of legal correspondence through the years.




8/18/2010 FERC Document Preservation Directive
8/25/2010 Powhatan Response to Document Preservation Directive
11/8/2010 FERC Second Data Request
11/22/2010 Powhatan Response to Second Data Request
12/13/2010 Heep Fund Written Submission
10/21/2011 Powhatan Written Submission
11/1/2011 FERC Third Data Request
11/14/2011 Powhatan Response to Third Data Request
11/16/2011 FERC Discussion of Third Data Request
11/29/2011 Powhatan Discussion of Third Data Request
12/3/2011 FERC Discussion of Third Data Request
12/6/2011 – 12/16/2011 Various Email Exchange
12/6/2011 – 12/30/2011 Various Discussion of Third Data Request, other
12/12/2011 FERC Discussion of Third Data Request
12/12/2011 – 12/16/2011 Various Discussion of Third Data Request
1/13/2012 Powhatan Discussion of Third Data Request, other
1/24/2012 FERC Discussion of Third Data Request, other
2/9/2012 Powhatan Discussion of Third Data Request
2/9/2012 – 2/20/2012 Various Discussion of Potential Meeting
2/21/2012 FERC Discussion of Potential Meeting
3/26/2012 Heep Fund Supplemental Submission
4/17/2012 FERC Fourth Data Request
4/30/2012 Powhatan Response to Fourth Data Request
5/29/2012 Powhatan Discussion of Deposition
5/29/2012 Various Discussion of Deposition
5/29/2012 – 5/30/2012 Various Discussion of Deposition
8/24/2012 Powhatan Supplemental Submission
8/9/2013 FERC Preliminary Findings
8/12/2013 Various Discussion of Preliminary Findings
10/8/2013 Powhatan Response to Preliminary Findings
10/9/2013 Heep Fund Response to Preliminary Findings
1/13/2014 Powhatan Letter to Acting Chairman
1/17/2014 Powhatan FERC’s Violation of Federal Law
1/23/2014 FERC Re: Inadvertent Posting
2/12/2014 Powhatan Discussion of FERC’s Violation of Federal Law.
2/26/2014 FERC Description of phone conversation.
6/11/2014 Powhatan Request for transparency in process
6/23/2014 Powhatan Notification of additional transparency
8/5/2014 FERC Notice of Alleged Violations
8/7/2014 Various Brady Request
8/7/2014 FERC 1b.19 Notice
8/7/2014 – 8/9/2014 Various Letter Botice
9/3/2014 FERC Response to Brady Request
9/3/2014 FERC Transcript Purchase Authorization
9/5/2014 FERC Supplemental Brady Response
9/5/2014 – 9/8/2014 Various Investigative Materials
9/9/2014 – 9/10/2014 Various 1b.19 timing
9/12/2014 FERC Another Supplemental Brady Response
9/24/2014 Heep Fund 1b.19 Response
9/24/2014 Powhatan 1b.19 Response
10/6/2014 Various Joint Motion for Recusal
10/21/2014 FERC Bay’s Recusal
12/5/2014 FERC Notice of Disclosure
12/17/2014 FERC Notice of Designation of Commission Staff
12/17/2014 FERC Order to Show Cause
12/18/2014 FERC Order Revising Show Cause Order
12/18/2014 FERC Materials Pertaining to the Investigation
12/23/2014 Powhatan Motion for Extension
12/29/2014 FERC OE Recommendation to Motion for Extension
12/31/2014 FERC Response to Motion for Extension
1/2/2015 FERC Non-Public Investigative Materials
1/12/2015 Powhatan Notice of De Novo Election
1/27/2015 Powhatan Motion for a Two Week Extension of Time
1/29/2015 FERC FERC OE’s Opposition to Two Week Extension, with one Exhibit
1/29/2015 Powhatan Reply to Enforcement’s Answer in Opposition
1/30/2015 FERC Notice of Denial of Extension of Time
2/2/2015 Powhatan Response to FERC’s Order to Show Cause
2/2/2015 Heep Fund Response to FERC’s Order to Show Cause
2/9/2015 Heep Fund Supplemental Answer to Order to Show Cause
2/19/2015 Heep Fund Issues with ex parte rules
3/2/2015 FERC Revised Reply of Enforcement Staff
3/3/2015 FERC Letter describing revision
3/18/2015 Heep Fund Reply to FERC’s Reply
4/1/2015 PJM Comments
4/14/2015 Heep Fund Response to PJM’s Comments
4/23/2015 Heep Fund Citation of Supplemental Authority
5/29/2015 FERC Order Assessing Civil Penalties
7/31/2015 FERC Petition in United States District Court
10/19/2015 Powhatan Motion to Dismiss
10/19/2015 Heep Fund Motion to Dismiss
10/30/2015 FERC Opposition of Powhatan’s Motion to Dismiss
10/30/2015 FERC Opposition of Heep’s Motion to Dismiss
11/9/2015 Powhatan Rebuttal to Opposition
11/9/2015 Heep Fund Rebuttal to Opposition
11/25/2015 Court Order Setting Pretrial Conference
12/31/2015 FERC De Novo Review Motion
12/31/2015 Powhatan De Novo Review Motion
1/8/2016 Court Court Order
1/14/2016 Heep Fund Bhargava Pro Hac Vice
1/14/2016 Heep Fund Lowell Pro Hac Vice
1/21/2016 FERC Supplemental Memorandum
1/21/2016 Powhatan Supplemental Memorandum
3/23/2016 Heep Fund Motion for Leave to File Supplemental Material
3/23/2016 Heep Fund Brief in Support of Motion for Leave to File Supplemental Material
3/24/2016 Heep Fund Reschedule Settlement Conference
3/24/2016 Heep Fund Memorandum in Support to Reschedule Settlement Conference
3/29/2016 FERC Opposition to Supplemental Material
3/29/2016 Court Settlement Conference
4/4/2016 Heep Fund Rebuttal to Plaintiff’s Opposition
7/22/2016 Powhatan Supplemental Filing
8/12/2016 Powhatan Second Supplemental Filing
12/7/2016 Amici Amicus Brief
12/7/2016 Amici Motion of Administrative Law Professors for Leave to File Brief as Amici Curiae
12/19/2016 FERC FERC Opposes Law Professors
12/27/2016 Amici Reply Brief
2/01/2017 Powhatan Third Joint Notice of Supplemental Authority
2/03/2017 FERC Response to Supplemental Authority
3/09/2017 Powhatan Fourth Joint Notice of Supplemental Authority
3/15/2017 Court Memorandum Order
3/23/2017 Powhatan Another Joint Notice of Supplemental Material
3/24/2017 FERC Brief in Response to Amici Curiae
3/31/2017 Powhatan Fifth Joint Notice of Supplemental Authority
10/6/2017 Powhatan Sixth Joint Notice of Supplemental Authority
12/28/2017 Court Order accompanying Memorandum Opinion on De Novo
12/28/2017 Court Memorandum Opinion on De Novo
1/29/2018 FERC Courtesy Cover Letter for Amended Complaint
1/29/2018 FERC Amended Complaint
2/28/2018 Powhatan Motion to Dismiss
3/21/2018 FERC Opposition to Motion to Dismiss
4/4/2018 Powhatan Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss
9/24/2018 Court Order Denying Motion to Dismiss and Granting Interlocutory Appeal
9/24/2018 Court Memorandum Denying Motion to Dismiss
10/4/2018 Powhatan Certificate of Compliance with the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
10/4/2018 Powhatan Joint Petition for Permission to Appeal District Court Order
10/15/2018 FERC Answer to Joint Petition for Permission to Appeal District Court Order
11/5/2018 4th Circuit Court Order
11/5/2018 4th Circuit Order for Appeal Fee
11/5/2018 4th Circuit Details of Case on Appeal
11/13/2018 4th Circuit Briefing Order
11/15/2018 Powhatan Joint Motion Requesting Stay
11/15/2018 Court Court Order Granting Stay
1/14/2019 Powhatan Opening Brief of Appellants
1/22/2019 Amici Amicus Brief
3/18/2019 FERC Brief for Plaintiff
4/17/2019 Powhatan Reply Brief
7/12/2019 4th Circuit Case Continued
9/20/2019 4th Circuit Tentative Calendar Order
10/18/2019 4th Circuit Oral Argument Notification
11/12/2019 FERC Motion to Withdrawal Counsel
11/13/2019 Court Order


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